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Vircop provides the complete and comprehensive construction package, directly from one supplier. We work with customers on the basis of design and construction to provide a structural solution that best suits your needs in the creation of unique buildings and facilities.

Conceptual design and budget

A lower priced building may not be able to provide an overall lower cost for the owner. To determine the best price possible, one must also consider the cost of foundation and structure mounting. Early intervention is key to obtain the best value for your project.

Design, manufacturing and delivery

Once the project has been contracted and begun, Vircop provides complete and comprehensive design services to create everything and anything to cover your building, including shop drawings and coordination with other design professionals involved in the project. Vircop also assumes responsibility for the manufacturing of all components of the building included in the project, coordinating material delivery at the work place.

Transport, choice of service and turn-key construction

Vircop develops and carries out project and construction services, along with turn-key mounting, through our network of partners, covering all necessary requirements that Vircop cannot cover directly.

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