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Vircop has built a series of facilities, such as logistic platforms, business parks, manufacturing plants and offices. For more in depth information, please click on one of the following categories. Feel free to contact us for more personalised attention.

Auxiliary Components

We provide additional components, adding to the high value and return of your facilities. A few examples:

– Outdoor and indoor stairs. Architectural and industrial.
– Transport vehicle impact protection, private or maintenance.
– Platforms for auxiliary services (A/C, compressors, ventilation, etc.).
– Parking shelters.
– Outdoor and indoor doors. Motorised or manual.
– Totems and advertising supports.
– Approved fire doors.

Modular constructions

Pre-manufactured models for various applications: homes, schools, control booths, etc. Normally based on maritime container measures and rules for optimal transportation.

Variable section reinforced structures

Vircop specialises in variable section reinforced structure manufacturing. From the plans provided by the client or architect, any type of beam for any type of presentation is custom-manufactured according to the needs of the project, to later create reinforced structures for all types of buildings and facilities.

Hot rolled steel structures

Steel is comprised of iron and carbon (a very low proportion of the latter: generally less than 1%), as well as small amounts of other chemical elements.
Vircop manufactures hot rolled profiles, moulding hot semi-plastic steel repeatedly through a series of rollers which give shape with a constant transversal section. The result is uniform pieces with a high level of hardness and strength, ideal for creating durable structures.

Structures for civil engineering

Vircop is a specialised and highly-mechanised company that designs, develops and delivers metal structures for any type of industrial work (industrial buildings, factories, warehouses) and/or civil engineering (construction and rehabilitation of public and private buildings, shopping centres, sport centres, schools…).

Cold rolled beams for covers and substructures

Vircop manufactures different types of cold rolled beams, to cover every type of need for building covers and substructures. Their lightness, ductility and strength make them optimal for covers or curved constructions, and they are able to meet the needs of large areas between columns, without needing central support, all the while achieving superior spans.

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