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British Robertson has an extensive and advanced line of products for enclosures for architectural and industrial façades. Development and the search for new challenges are the hallmarks of our company.

At a time when we tend towards uniformity and globalisation, architecture is capable of providing individual and personalised answers, which can become identity markers in any space.

Architects, developers, operators, engineers and builders will find the best solution amongst our range of products for the design and construction of your buildings.

Industrial profiles


A corrugated waved profile that combines architecture with its surroundings through two curved points in its design, providing visually-stunning aesthetic qualities, finishes highlighting beauty, dynamism and simplicity, and geometry allowing for thinner thickness whilst maintaining strength and keeping weight low.

br ro42


A unique and highly-aesthetic corrugated profile, whose iridescent pigment coating helps with the building's environmental adjustment.

br rv48


British Robertson, in an effort to anticipate the future, has achieved, with its micro-perforated lattice, the seamless integration of architecture and medium, achieving constructive symbiosis with nature.

br celosias


The R1 universal profile's long tradition and experience, combining versatility with economics, is a highly-compensated profile, usable for both façades as well as covers, and with great value.

br r132


The R4, a profile with great resistance and durability, is ideal for industrial buildings and warehouses, its geometry improved with a micro-stiffener overlap and capillary barrier for a perfect seal.

br r444


The SD panel for composite slab, is suitable for light assembly of buildings. Its high resistance to loads meets the highest European safety standards, EUROCODE.

br sd70

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