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British Robertson has an extensive and advanced line of products for enclosures for architectural and industrial façades. Development and the search for new challenges are the hallmarks of our company.

At a time when we tend towards uniformity and globalisation, architecture is capable of providing individual and personalised answers, which can become identity markers in any space.

Architects, developers, operators, engineers and builders will find the best solution amongst our range of products for the design and construction of your buildings.

FormaMold - FM


Moulding the building

Architectural design is capable of creating unique buildings that double as works of art. The FormaWall façade system with FormaMold inlay offers different building solutions: flat, curved, horizontal, vertical or any other combination with moulded pieces used as hoods, or purely decorative elements. In this way, a third dimension is created for flat vertical façades, adding a distinct personalised element to your projects.

Shape and colour

The FormaMold panel offers irregular modulation and horizontal and vertical aligned joints, creating widths between 250 mm and 1,000 mm, and lengths that require up to a maximum of 10 m.

FormaMold and FormaWall panels, closed on all four sides and with possible mechanisation, make it easy to not have to use additional trimmings. If it is required, sheet or aluminium trimmings or aluminium extrusions can be used.

Integrated creativity

Sculptural elements are integrated into the façades, and stand out in their uniqueness, beauty and simplicity. The endless possibilities of FormaMold, integrated into the light FormaWall panel, allow for a perfect harmony or contrast of elements identifiable by shape and colour.

Personal designs with optimal budget execution and minimal maintenance cost thanks to the coatings used in each and every material, providing protection from environmental damage.

Functional design

The FormaMold panel is the most comprehensive, advanced and versatile façade system for the execution of unique and niche architectural projects. The FormaMold panel perfectly combines lightweight construction with aesthetic simplicity through a combination of different materials like aluminium, steel and glass.

The FormaWall façade system with FormaMold inlay offers different building solutions: straight, curved, horizontal, vertical, or any other meeting for Moulding utilised as hoods, or for purely decorative purposes.

Technical Characteristics

Covering width From 250 mm to 1,000 mm
Maximum length Up to 10,000 mm
Panel thickness According to the model. For other thickness, contact the Business Department.
Base metal Galvanised steel “z” 200-225 g/m2
Sheet thickness Exterior: 0.8 mm. Interior: Embossed 0.6 mm
Lining Pre-lacquered, Sp, PVDF, mattes, metallic, litmus... Contact for others
Insulating core Polyurethane foam, nominal density 50-55 kg/m3
Weight/m2 panel Depending on the model
Colours We have an extensive range of colours.
Contact our Business Department.
K Value For a panel of 50 mm thickness 0.38 Kcal/m2/h/ºC 0.44 W/m2 ºC
For a panel of 80 mm thickness 0.23 Kcal/m2/h/ºC 0.27 W/m2 ºC
Lambda Value 21.8 mW/m ºC
Joints Tongue-and-groove with hidden fastening
Acoustic Insulation 26 dbA


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