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  • Means of Production

Means of Production

Vircop has placed all means of necessary production in the hands of its professionals and clients, carrying out work and projects with steel as a base.


Superficial cleaning treatment technique via impact with which Vircop achieves proper surface finish. Consisting of the projection of abrasive particles (grit) at a high velocity (65 - 110 m/s), which, upon impact with the piece removes surface contaminants. It is used at Vircop for, among other things:

- Cleaning of non-ferrous and ferrous casting pieces, forged pieces, etc.
- Mechanic de-scaling of wiring, rods, sheets, etc.
- Surface cleaning and preparation, when there are subsequent non-corrosive coatings: paint, rubber, electrolytic or mechanical coatings, etc.

Mechanisation of standard profiles

Together with a product developed for the client, Vircop also offers an extensive and complete catalogue of standard profiles for use in all types of buildings and architectural or industrial jobs.

Mounting and welding

Vircop carries out steel beam mounting and welding, necessary to undertake a project with every type of guarantee, and to create more complex structures.

The joining of two pieces of steel via surface fusion of the faces, which are joined in the presence of heat, maintains their mechanical and chemical properties. In this way, greater strength welding is achieved, capable of absorbing more force, often occurring at the joints, a more rigid connection, reducing drilling costs and improving cleaning and finishing of the structure.


Vircop uses machines to manufacture all types of steel or aluminium profiles, with sheets of different thickness.

Based on samples or drawings of the profiles, and in accordance with the customer, the Vircop technicians will design the appropriate profile line, for both simple and completely finished pieces.

We provide, among other things:

- Manufacturing lines for straps, with or without punching, for industrial building construction.
- Manufacturing lines for trapezoidal profiles for forged slabs.
- Manufacturing lines for trapezoidal and corrugated profiles for covers and façades.


Vircop 's modern painting facilities use the latest technology for perfectly painted panels and metal profiles. Fully robotic, the materials pass through various stages of preparation and painting to achieve the highest ratings for safety (fire resistance), and durability (corrosion resistance, weather resistance...).

A wide range of finishes and colours result in endless combinations, allowing for professionals to find the exact colour to add to their projects.


Steel is the material most widely used in the manufacturing of construction panels and profiles. During the manufacturing process, steel can be contaminated by grease, oil and dirt, in addition to the slag and laminate flake and rust. Initially, both the slag and flake can be firmly attached.

Therefore, it is essential, before working, to mould and paint the steel, passing it through the preparation process. Vircop, fully aware of the importance of this step, uses all available technology so that you will receive your finished product with the highest guarantee of durability and functionality.

Automatic welding

Vircop uses a welding line for H-beams, the largest and most modern in Europe. Composed of the latest generation robot working 24 hours a day, we execute high precision welding for beams, with the highest degree of strength, safety and design.

Vircop's modern facilities include other automated welding equipment for any type of project, however complex or ambitious it may be.

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