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Vircop began its operations more than 30 years ago, gathering unrivalled experience in the design and manufacture of metal structures for industrial and commercial buildings.

Vircop has since its inception made a clear commitment to "cloud" technologies, which simplify whilst expanding the possibilities of sharing, communication and teamwork. All without investment in fixed assets, which gives us absolute flexibility and availability of the most advanced tools.

At Vircop we are constantly increasing our production capacity and quality in order to satisfy all the needs of our customers.

Vircop works at 3 levels to achieve this objective:

- Improving upon or replacing existing machinery with new, modern and higher performance equipment, many of which are developed in conjunction with the manufacturer. Later on, our main equipment will be available for structure manufacturing.
- Implementing integrated production software, which allows us to obtain information in real time for our primary material stock, monitoring the production, expected delivery, issue management, billing, etc.
- Applying specific training programmes and maintenance for the pertinent approvals in welding operations.

- Metal structures.
- Pre-manufactured structures reinforced with variable section.
- Pre-manufactured structures with bolted joints.
- Structural engineering.
- Hot-rolled.
- Reinforced beams.
- Alveolar beams.
- Beams mixed with concrete.
- Laminated profiles for façades and coverings.
- Cold-formed profiles.
- All elements are blasted.
- Automatic painting line.
- Submerged arc welding.
- Welding robots.

VIRCOP. Steel structure and component design and manufacturing.


To manufacture the best metal structures and components, to meet each and every one of the demands and needs of the building and industrial market for industrial, public and commercial buildings.


To be the national benchmark, and one of the most important companies internationally, in providing solutions for the latest generation of design, manufacturing and customisable construction of metal structures.


- A wide-range of solutions for all types of projects created with metal structures.
- Designs customised to the needs of the customer, with full emphasis on generating the best value for project materials and execution, and to create first-rate works with perfectly-adjusted prices.
- Comprehensive customer service for every stage of the project, from its genesis to completion and, finally, to delivery.
- A solid and solvent supplier with more than 30 years of experience, and with a group of coordinated businesses to offer singular and comprehensive service.
- International supply and comprehensive turn-key service for our products.
- Production Plant, located in Vallgorguina, Barcelona, equipped with the most efficient and modern manufacturing methods and with the latest technology, allowing us to undertake any market need.

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