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Current Vircop production facilities, located in Vallgorguina, 35 km from Barcelona, are that of a large company, in both their size as well as their machinery and technology. Modern and cutting-edge technology-wise, they provide steel-derived products able to handle any building project, however large or complex.

Vircop. Experience and innovation in the service of vanguard construction.

Main Factory
Area: 18,000 m2
Products: variable section reinforced, hot rolled beams, alveolar beams, cold-formed profiles.
Processes: oxicut, punching, cutting lines, drilling, mechanised, welding robots, blasting, painting line, profile.
Capacity: 15,000 Tn/year
Staff: 14 in offices and 60 factory operators.

Auxiliary Systems Workshop
Area: 3,500 m2
Products: industrial and architectural stairs, motorised industrial doors, guards.
Processes: cutting, welding, profile, assembly.
Staff: 2 in Office and 6 Workshop operators.

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