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British Robertson researches, develops and manufactures architectural panel systems and industrial profiles for an endless variety of buildings. At British Robertson we have the answers to the changing needs of today's architecture, identifying iconic buildings that become symbols of our identity, integrated into any space and environmentally-friendly.

To set the standard in an international market, British Robertson uses a large and experienced team of professionals whose actions are driven by three major principles:

- Constant technological development for production processes.
- Strict control of all processes and products.
- Ongoing Research, Development and Innovation.

From our facilities, located in Vallgorguina (Barcelona), we offer unbeatable and personalised service to our customers, in both technical assistance and execution time and quality. You get the very highest guarantee throughout the entire process, whilst our technical department can help you with both the execution of your base and final projects.

Whatever you can imagine, British Robertson can make.


British Robertson offers unique solutions that give personality to buildings through an integration process of construction systems, which allows for a combination of all types of materials over the same supports, in which the design, production and installation are carried out via the application of our own amazingly versatile technology.


British Robertson, anticipating the architectural trends from the global perspective of a project, uses technology for sustainable development with new materials for innovative use, offering aesthetic, efficient and economic systems, adaptable to most projects, along with custom-designed technological solutions for unique and unusual buildings.


- Research, innovation, development and system integration.
- The latest-developed materials and process technology integrated with each new project.
- Joint development with our partners for products adapted to your project.
- Total involvement, dialogue and collaboration with the customer.
- Customisation and adaptation to specific requirements.
- Continuous international expansion.

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