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Industrial Line

At British Robertson we provide answers to the changing needs of contemporary architecture, integrating our architectural system industrial solutions in order to create an aesthetic connection between material, shape and colour, making customised enclosures for landmark buildings that become symbols of city identity whilst integrating architecture with the environment. All of our projects respect and comply with sustainability principles.

Our industrial profiles provide a wide variety of aesthetic and and functional possibilities within our product range.


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Our experience in enclosures for logistical warehouses couples with our continuous collaboration with architects, engineers and builders, allowing us to offer a wide range of enclosures with added value for architecture of this type.

We produce fully modular enclosures that can be adapted to any need, ensuring higher returns. We are at your side at all times, advising to facilitate decision-making for our enclosure systems for the benefit of both the project and the user.

The environment is our home and that is why we so conscientiously respect the utilisation of recyclable materials.

Integrated project answers.
The needs of today's architecture integrate architectural systems with industrial solutions.


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New trends in industrial construction consist of the concentration of management, industrial production and logistics within the same space. Our enclosure systems allow for the combination of different systems, unifying architectural criteria with avant-garde aesthetics.

A variety of solutions that can we contribute to the concrete needs of each business, in any sector of industrial activity, allowing for streamlined enclosures customised for each area of activity with finishes in line with a unified global image approach.

Optimisation of production costs and assembly is our greatest value, generating profitable investment.

A commitment to collaboration.
Our “savoir faire” involves principles of collaboration, between people and professionals, at your side.

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