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Architectural Line

The current trend in architecture is not simply finding the most daring or easy construction solutions: at British Robertson we anticipate the future by developing new installation systems, all the while researching new approaches which allow us to equip buildings with ground-breaking materials and unthinkable shapes, so that creators of architectural spaces can expand their creative visions based on proven solutions.

Our commitment, your project's success.


br comercial

Building design trends are part of a process of convergence that is moving towards different business models, generating new consumption habits in a globalised market in which a large variety of commercial establishments grow.

Commercial or recreational centres, whether large or medium, outlet centres and business parks are just a few of the many types of buildings with distinct characteristics and requirements, designed to benefit the user and the workers in these establishments, all the while integrated with the environment.

British Robertson, the European leader in architectural enclosure manufacturing and system integration. Together with the best architects, we anticipate architectural trends from a global perspective, proposing a fusion of cutting-edge architecture and sustainable space optimisation.

Natural form, vanguard aesthetics.
Urban spaces for a society with increasing architectural and environmental demands.

Identity in the fourth dimension.
Light, colour and shape as the embodiment of brand image in each and every aspect of the building.

Impossible volume made real.
New building systems to facilitate future architectural challenges, today.


br hoteles

Presently, the human mobility that characterises the globalised world requires quality for an increasingly discerning public, demanding differential values in public buildings.

Having worked on numerous landmark buildings in this industry, the integration of our enclosure systems in global projects allows us to interact with each type of hotelier, providing cutting-edge aesthetics that complement the added value of the project.

Our distributors have the necessary training and preparation to carry out their work, can coordinate and control the different stages of execution, and guarantee delivery as well as quality.

We have mastered shape and space, taking on convergent or divergent, real or unreal lines. We develop unique, customised systems for any type of architecture or industry.

Spaces designed for the user.
Light, warmth, comfort and accessibility allow for maximum comfort in each and every facility.

Global design for architectural spaces.
Sustainable architectural principles, material and system integration, consistent with the surroundings.


br oficinas

Territorial mobility of businesses creates the need to unify the corporate image and coordinate brand identity in buildings where these activities take place. Moreover, personalised spaces and comfortable surroundings are required, which in turn improve work quality, along with cutting-edge buildings that respect the environment and meet all safety standards, allow large companies to nimbly manage their resources.

Office buildings for large companies or business hotels, business parks conforming to the highest quality standards established, with special attention to finishes. Our systems streamline construction, allowing a return on investment and give each building a distinct and personal look.

We provide new materials and colours customisable for conditions determined by identity programmes, whilst creating new developments and systems which facilitate the viability of any unique and personalised project.

The world, our environment.
Our products are tested via rigorous environmental quality analysis and meet the highest European standards.

Buildings with a unique and personal aesthetic.
Special artisan projects using cutting-edge industrial technologies in architectural system manufacturing and integration.


br equipamientos

The development of modern society entails a range of services, both public and private, that require adequate facilities for the activities carried out and the users that they serve.

This type of construction (from airports, sporting facilities, exhibition centres, to schools, and the wide-range of specialised buildings) must take into account environmental integration and sustainability, whilst highlighting their differentiated aesthetics, since they are more often than not the first impression of these companies.

All of our products are manufactured under the strictest European quality regulations, placing our technology and production capacity in the service of sustainable development projects.

Traceability of our components.
The R&D&I department tests, together with our partners, sustainable and volatile material-free formulations.

A principle of comprehensive collaboration.
Our engineers combine technical viability concepts with cost to optimise final projects.


br residencial

Originality in urban and residential architecture allows for the use of our cutting-edge enclosures, which are integrated into the medium, incorporating materials that aesthetically evolve over time. We are involved in works that follow the principals of sustainable architecture and are cohesive with the environment, whilst giving personality to the building.

We are at your side with our engineering team to turn any building idea into reality.

An understanding of space.
Every project has its constraints, every place too, but with our experience we can provide unique execution solutions.

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